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Akira Wing has always been musically and visually inclined with a love and passion for film & varying blends of symphonic and electronic music synced to picture; From a young age, inspired by great collaborations of the past, between composers and directors such as Ennio Morricone/Sergio Leone, John Carpenter/Alan Howarth/Shirley Walker, Stanley Kubrick/Wendy Carlos as well as early works of Vangelis, Jerry Goldsmith, Basil Poledouris, Tangerine Dream, Brad Fiedel, Kitaro, Jan Hammer and Genesis. As a dual major in both Film and Music in college, Akira Wing became the go-to person for music for many students; through this journey he met longtime collaborators Matt and Ross Duffer (Stranger Things, Hidden, Wayward Pines). He scored their early films, 'We All Fall Down', 'Eater' and the Duffer produced 'Abraham's Boys', directed by Dorothy Street; All to positive film festival success. He works periodically with long-time friend and colleague Mark Nicholson, who directed 'The Milkman'; Akira and Mark made the viral short 'Vengeance Rides a Train' together. Akira has also scored several projects for other Chapman alumni including Justin Lutsky of Epic Image Entertainment. Akira collects vintage analogue synthesizers with Mark Nicholson of Eyepatch Entertainment (Listed to the right), programming unique polyphonic and unison sounds. He also runs a fun little YouTube channel in his spare time making silly videos.


Akira recently completed the score for the Scifi thriller, 'INTO INFINITY', Directed by Brendan C Campbell

Into Infinity [Official Theatrical Trailer]

Into Infinity [Official Theatrical Trailer]

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Akira composed the score for the film Eater, Directed by The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things, Hidden)

He also Composed the score for the film Abraham's Boys by Dorothy Street

...As well as  We All Fall Down by Matt and Ross Duffer

Hardware Synths
Factory modded ARP Quadra
2x standard ARP Quadras
Yamaha CS70m
Moog Memorymoog Plus
Moog Sub 37

Moog Minimoog Model D
Korg DV800 MaxiKorg
Korg Trident
Korg Polysix with Kiwisix and Polysex mods
Korg Poly61 with unique left hand realtime controls
Sequential Prophet 600 with GliGli
Sequential Prophet 6
Dave Smith Mopho X4
Fender/ARP Chroma Polaris
Kawai SX-240

Oberheim OB-8
Roland Juno 6 with tubbutec Juno 66 mod
Roland jx10 with modded firmware
Roland MKS70
Roland JX3P with kiwi technics 3P mod
Roland JX8P
Roland JD990 with Vintage Synth Expansion
Roland Alpha Juno 2

Roland RS-505
Waldorf Microwave 1 Rev B
Kawai K3M
Korg EX8000
Korg Wavestation SR
Yamaha tx81z
Casio SK-1
Yamaha PSS-460
Alesis Micron
Korg Microkorg
Marquis Midia Musicbox MQ100
Yamaha SK-30
Casio HT6000
Ensoniq SQ80
Yamaha PSS 150

Yamaha SY-2

and more...

Hardware effects units
Roland RSP550
Lexicon MPX1
Red Witch Titan Delay
Strymon DECO
Strymon El Capistan
Alesis Midiverb 1
Moogerfooger MF-102
TC Corona Chorus
DOD Fx20c phaser
Digitech RDS2001

Hardware Drum Machines 
Roland TR-606
Korg Volca Beats
Yamaha RX15
Roland R5


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